Pixel Giveaway - 130+ followers!

((hiii everyone, this is Cackletta mun! and I decided to do some pixeling making just to practice with myself at it, so here we go— a giveaway!

the only things I will be doing are pixeling. nothing else.

so! here we go guys. hope you enjoy this because i rarely do this anymore.

reminder: these are for the people that follow me, that means if you’ve followed just after you get this message, you will not count. sorry! i might do this another time though so you will get the chance uvu

here is how to win;

  • reblog this as many as you want. no likes pls

.. that’s it okay i really don’t have nothing else

this will end on Sunday, April 7th 2013 okay? that gives enough time.


i will only do HEAD pixels— meaning no body, but you can include the name n stuff.

here is the request form for pixels!

  • Text(yes/no and tell me what you want)
  • Glow(yes/no)[any area you would like the glow to be at]:
    • Colors of recolour:
    • Anything else(yes/no)[explain]:

good luck!))

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