"hurghnhgh.." she obviously knows who this is, and that’s the only greeting that will slip out of her mouth for him.

"before you start blabbin’, do me a favor and tell your whiny, annoying sister to shut up!"

Are you my mother?


"That’s pretty much the way my father raised me, actually.  But I need the influence of a woman!  I’ll grow up warped if I have to be raised by 7 guys and television."

((You are grown up Wendy… sort of…))

"really now?? ughhhhhhhh. you know what you really stinkin’ are? a baby! you’re already warped! everyone’s warped cept me, cuz i wasn’t raised by a dumb joke like your father was! eeyeheheheheh!"

thatpigmaskcolonel asked: ((You're still alive?? Great!))

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Write a Headcanon about my character

If it’s good, it will become official.


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dangers-and-magic asked: "I am from a forest from outside of Orre, and serve a much larger Ariados, being considered one of the few surviving mates. Mistress Briza would be one of the leaders." Zaknefein lowered his leg, staring at the pink eyes of Cackletta.

mistress briza? stares right back.

"hrmmngh.. whos this stinkin’ mistress briza you’re talkin’ about?? who’s the other leaders?"

yes, you are sure nosy, cackletta.

dangers-and-magic asked: "Good day, Cackletta. I am an Ariados, an arachnid that is larger then most other spiders." He raised a yellow-purple striped leg towards the bean witch. "Is there anything else you wish to know of this species?"

—narrows eyes.

"geeeeeeez." she poked the leg with an index finger and raised an eyebrow.

"hah! well, first of all, i could care less of what species you are other than it’s weird!! but hurnnghh, whatever. fine! tell me your stuff about whatever you are. just don’t make me fall asleep!"

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thenewgamemaster asked: (Are you okay with Friend Codes?)

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—“uuughhhh! okay, dumbfarts, listen up! don’t be snide with me, or we’re gonna have some problems! just a stinkin’ warnin’ for those who make dumb decisions!”
"so!!! name and where you came from, so we can at least start a darn conversation!"